Frequently asked Questions

Is there are minimum?

There is a 5 person minimum. If there are 9 or more in your bridal party, (or fewer but you are dealing with an extremely limited time for getting ready) Another trusted artist will be provided to ensure that you all get done in a shorter amount of time and without stress!  

Do you do hair also?

Yes, but only if you have a small bridal party of 3 or 4 as that would be 6-8 services. With a bridal party of 5 or more (if you want hair also) an additional stylist is usually required and we would work side by side. Referrals for talented trusted artists are provided on the 'Preferred Vendor' tab.


How much time is alloted for makeup?

As far as the details go,  1/2 hour to 45 minutes is spent with each of your attendants. (But 45 min is scheduled to be safe as a buffer for any late arrivals or other things that may come up) 45 minutes to an hour is spent with the Bride to ensure extra time so there’s no last minute rushing around. Likely, you  would have your hair done first and then makeup. Extra focus is put on little details to ensure that you are camera ready (for HD video and print) The lashes take a few minutes longer being that they are customized individual lashes to the shape of your eyes and desired outcome, but you do not run the risk of them lifting like you do with strip lashes. There is also specific attention for the proper primer and foundation per skin type for longevity.


How do I know what time to start?

Traditionally, you would work with your photographer to coordinate specifics ie.. *Bridal party pics before dressing, *First look pictures *Family photos before ceremony. One you make these decisions and figure out what time you need to start dressing, an itinerary is put together so we have a start and end time so there is no room for error. At the end time is set aside for last minute touch ups to ensure that everyone is flawless before pictures. 


What is the cost?

Included in the prices are airbrushing and customized individual lashes for all (If desired) The total cost will be calculated once you send the date of wedding, total number of makeups, and location.

Are there travel costs?

Hotel parking needs to be covered and travel costs will be determined based on location of venue.

How do I book a trial, and how soon?

Trial cost is $90 if you come to  Everett, Ma. If you need trial at your place, the cost will be determined depending on location. Multiple requests come in for the same dates, so it is recommended to book a trial as soon as possible to decide if you want to secure the date. Keep in mind weekend trials are usually only available off season (Nov-April) 

Do you require a deposit?

If you are not able to book a trial right away and/or you have decided to secure the date, a 20% (or minimum $150 if you don't have final details) non-refundable deposit is required. This deposit will be put towards the final bill.